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Roofing and Custom Box Guttering

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This video shows a more detailed view of one of the quality installations our team at Roofline performed. While a standard home usually has a more traditional gutter and fascia style layout, occassionally we come accross a custom styled box gutter.

Installation can be testing, access to remove the old guttering is often restricted by the roofing sheets, in this instace the sheeting was a Klip-lock variety. This roof sheeting sytstem is very difficult to lift, the clips holding down the sheets are screwed onto the battens under the sheets, making for a screwless appearance. A great finish but very taxing to lift.

Only a quality team of experienced tradesman can measure, supply and install so effectively to successfully complete a job like this. 

The box guttering was only the first stage in a complete restoration of this roof. The gutters were completely rusted through and the roofing surface is visably showing signs of rust throughout this video. Once the guttering was completed our crew then tackled the rest of the job by re-surfacing the roof sheets. A product call Infra Cool, manufactered by Dulux through their “Cool Roof” range was applied once the rust had been treated. This not only fully transformed the overall  look of the roof, but also dramatically reduced the temperature internally during those hot summer months. You can view the end result on our Gallery.

Aaron Drew

Meet Aaron – he is the owner, operator and all-round roofing specialist at Roofline. Having been working on the roofs of Sydney homes and buildings for more than 30 years, he knows a thing or two about how to take care of a roof and he’s here to share his knowledge.


Want more information? Get in touch with Aaron here

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