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Roof Painting Sydney

Professional Roof Painting Services throughout Sydney

Is your home looking a little lacklustre? Give your roof a little TLC and a coat of paint with our leading roof painting Sydney service.

Whether you’re looking to add a little more life to your home and make it look brand new or you’re looking to make a change, our Sydney roof painting services are here to help you.

With more than 20 years of experience in taking care of the roofs of Sydney’s homes and buildings, we’ve developed expert processes and expertise, particularly when it comes to our professional roof painting services.

Our team of highly skilled roof painters use the highest quality materials to ensure that we give your home’s roof the new lease on life it deserves.

Work with Sydney’s leading local roof painters today.

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Why Choose Roofline Specialists for Roof Painting Services?


Looking for a roof cleaning, roof painting or roof restoration specialist? Roofline undertake large and small jobs with equal parts expertise and diligence, and our highly experienced tradesmen are specialists in all common types of roofing services including roof painting.


With over 20 years experience in the industry, we understand the ins and outs of keeping your roof looking its best. To this end we not only offer a 10-year written guarantee on materials, but a further 7-year guarantee on our workmanship; all at no extra cost. We can guarantee a well-made roof painting job.


Roofline use only the highest quality materials. Roof restoration, roof painting and roof repair can be a costly investment, so it makes good financial sense to use only the best materials. Our tradesmen are highly skilled and experienced professionals.

Roofline's 4-Stage Roof Painting Process

There are several distinct and equally important stages to a roof painting job, which Roofline tradesmen always follow to the letter. They also closely adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines when it comes to drying times between coats.

The introduction of water-based acrylics has led to these times being significantly shortened, which in turn reduces the cost to you. Roof painting is a great investment for your home.

Stage 1

The initial roof painting stage consists of sweeping the roof down and removing any loose debris; moss, fungi, lichen, leaves, bird droppings etc. The surface is then professionally cleaned using a specialised jet washer (see our Roof Cleaning section). This should ensure a smooth and clean surface for roof painting, ready for the next stage.

Stage 2

The second stage involves the application of a Dulux® Acratex Roof Sealer®, which prevents the next coat from seeping into porous or chalky tiles by adding a deep-penetrating resin and providing a sound base. Modern fully glazed terracotta tiles, for example, means that we often need to apply an additional coat of special glass-based sealer to this type of roof. This is then left to ‘cure’ for two days before the next coat is applied.

Stage 3

Once the undercoat stage is completed we spray on a base coat of Dulux® 962 Roof Membrane. This is a tough, water-based, acrylic product, which is specially formulated so that it will not contaminate run-off water used for drinking purposes. It also provides a highly resilient finish for roof painting that can cope with extremely high temperatures. It can be safely used on concrete, terracotta and metal roofs with equally impressive results.

Stage 4

Finally, we apply a topcoat of the same product for roof painting, which is available in a variety of colours to match your home’s exterior. The full process cannot be rushed and we take care to ensure each coat has fully dried before applying the next, as failure to do so could lead to problems like blistering, cracking and peeling. Once these 4 stages have been completed, our tradesmen will clean the area leaving your premises spotless. The roof painting project is now complete!

Roof Painting Sydney Services

If you’re looking for a roofing company to paint your existing roof or you’re working on a new build, we can help you. Our high quality service is available all over Sydney and we offer in depth knowledge and over two decades of experience as professional roofers, which ensures we have a high level of customer satisfaction.

Our thorough roof painting process cannot be beaten, and along with our other services like roof cleaning and roof restoration, means that you’re in knowledgeable hands of the Sydney roof painting experts.

Avoid roofing problems and give your roof a boost with our roof painting service. We promise to give your roof not only a new coat but also an immaculate finish.

So if you need roof painters in the Sydney area, call the roof painter industry leaders in Sydney – Roofline . We’ll give you a free estimate for our services.


  • Do you guarantee your work?

    Yes, upon completion of every job we will provide a written guarantee for both materials and workmanship, and we do this for all of our roofing services, including roof restorations.
    If you have any questions about our guarantees, give us a call!

  • Do you paint terracotta roofs?

    Yes! In fact, painting terracotta roof tiles is one of our specialities here at Roofline. Painting terracotta roofs isn’t’ an easy process and was once considered almost impossible. However, advances have been made in the kinds of primers and sealers available for roofs, which has made the process a lot easier! We work hard to ensure your roofing material is taken care of and that we take care of your roof meticulously.

  • Do you work on gutters as well as roofs?

    Yes! Our team at Roofline are qualified roof plumbers that are experienced and able to professionally install your home gutters. We offer a comprehensive range of roofing services like roof repair, roof maintenance, painting and cleaning, as well as take care of your gutters so that we cover all of our bases.

  • How much is a quote for one of your roofing services?

    We offer a no obligation, free quoting service for all of our roofing services. We will perform an on site roof inspection of your home’s roof and provide an estimate quote which will include the materials we intend to use for the job, and also how long we think the job like roof painting Sydney will take.
    Alternatively, you can call us today to have a quick chat about your requirements.

  • Is your team experienced and qualified?

    Our team of tradesman are all highly qualified and experienced roof plumbers. Our Sydney team is also fully insured and licenced, with 20+ years’ experience in the industry.

  • What colour can my roof be painted?

    Your roof can be painted almost any colour, it’s really up to your personal preference. You can work closely with our friendly team to find the right colour to suit your home’s exterior!

  • What kind of roof paint do you use?

    At Roofline, as part of our painting service, we use a Dulux Roof Sealer before using a Dulux Roof Membrane paint. This kind of paint is a specially formulated water-based acrylic product that does not contaminate water that runs off the roof painting jobs. It’s also a highly resilient type of paint that can withstand high temperatures and varying weather conditions perfect for roof painting Sydney projects.
    This kind of paint can also be safely used on concrete, terracotta and metal roofs.

    When it comes to materials it’s important to use the right roof paint and many years of experience have taught Roofline that Dulux® manufactures products that cannot be beaten in performance especially for roof paint. They tend to cost a little more upfront than other brands but it is definitely an investment well worth making when you consider the long-term implications. Roofline is an accredited applicator of Dulux® paint systems, which is the perfect partner for roof painting Sydney projects.

    Dulux® is the market leader and has dedicated over 40 years to the research and development of its Australian painting products, in a range of tax conditions, and the results are impressive in comparison to all other brands tested. Provided that the roof paint is applied according to Dulux® recommendations, Dulux® offers its own comprehensive roof painting guarantee against peeling, flaking and blistering .

    Multi-Stage Painting

    Dulux’s primers, undercoats and topcoats are designed to work in unison, to produce an armour-plated finish, which is crucial in protecting against extreme weather events like torrential rain and extreme temperatures.

    High-Performance Paint

    The chemical makeup of Dulux® exterior paints guarantees that they boast high opacity and are inherently resistant to moulds and other stains. Furthermore, they are resistant to UV damage, reflecting light and retarding the colour-fading process, which is an unavoidable consequence of exposure to the harsh Australian sun and roof painting Sydney. The technology in these paints keeps your roof looking pristine for as long as possible.

  • What type of roof is suitable for painting?

    Painting is suitable for several common roof types, including concrete tiles and metal surfaces such as Colorbond®.

    Roofline is also one of the few companies in Australia that specialise in painting terracotta tiled roofs. For many years this was considered all but impossible too well, but advances in primers and sealers mean we can now promise you excellent, long-lasting results.

  • How much does roof painting cost in Sydney?

    Our roof painting costs are vary based on the type of paint you wish to use, the of the roof being painted and the condition of the roof. If we need to perform minor repairs as part of the service, there may be additional costs.

    To ensure you know the cost of our services, we will provide you with a quote once we have inspected the roof and discussed the plans with you.

    Our quotes are free and you are not obliged to work with us after we provide you one.

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