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Sydney’s Roof Restoration Specialists

Roof Restoration

Roofline can provide you with a number of interesting options for your roof restoration, depending on your budget and the end result you are looking for. These range from a relatively simple cleaning process to painting, complete tile replacement and repointing or a combination of the above.

We can also take the opportunity, while onsite, to replace gutters, downpipes, soffits and fascia boards, if required. Often a newly refurbished roof will make old and tired spouting and paintwork stand out more, so this is something well worth considering if you would like to give your home that good-as-new look.

Roof Restoration Benefits

Two important reasons to have your roof restored are to maintain the value of your property and to prevent expensive, avoidable problems occurring in the future. A full re-roof can run to many thousands of dollars and Roofline is happy to offer you expert advice on how best to delay this for as long as possible, giving you time to make financial provision.

Something as simple as a cracked tile can easily lead to water intrusion, which can then cause damage to roof timbers and even your internal electrical wiring. There is also the very real danger that wet rot or even dry rot can develop, causing major problems, particularly in poorly ventilated roof spaces and voids, which provide the ideal environment for the destructive dry rot fungus to grow. For Roofline’s tradesmen, this is very quick and easy to fix and could save you a small fortune later on. A restoration, particularly when incorporating modern techniques such as ‘Point Last’, can give your roof a whole new lease of life.

Another benefit of roof restoration is that we can apply the Dulux InfraCool coating. This can dramatically decrease the heat radiating into your home via the roof, reflecting up to 90% of the sun’s energy. Surface temperatures can be reduced by 20-40°c and you should see your air-conditioning bills decrease significantly as a result.


Tiled Process

The restoration stages for different types of tiled roofs are quite similar, and our roofing teams are well-drilled in completing the work quickly and tidily to the highest professional standards.
Firstly, we remove any cracked, broken, chipped or otherwise defective tiles and replace them with an identical style for a seamless match, making your roof watertight again.

Secondly we use a pressure-washer to remove any debris, like moss, lichen and bird droppings. This also helps to eradicate the plant spores, which lodge themselves deep into joints and the porous fabric of the tiles themselves.

The next stage involves the careful lifting of the ridge caps, which are the angled or curved tiles that form the apex of your roof. These can then be entirely replaced with new caps or we can save you money by resetting the originals on a new bed of sand-and-cement. We then replace the pointing, using a great modern alternative, known as Flexi-Point, which has the advantage of moving with the building while under pressure from strong winds without cracking and breaking, thanks to its high-tech flexible polymers. It also comes in an extensive range of over 40 pre-mixed colours to match your roof or perhaps provide an interesting contrast. .

Once the ridge caps are replaced we move on to a sterilisation process, using an anti-fungal agent, which is designed to kill off any remaining spores, whose presence could lead to the regrowth of unsightly mosses and lichen.

The final stage is optional and dependent on your taste and budget. It involves the sealing and priming of your roof and a full repaint. In terracotta roofs, this includes an additional stage whereby the glazed tiles are further sealed with a specialist product.



The cost of a roof restoration will depend on several factors: the size and pitch of your roof, the overall condition and extent of repairs needed, site accessibility and the finish you require. But rest assured, at Roofline we do not employ pushy salesmen, only knowledgeable and experienced tradesmen who will provide you with a free, written quotation with no obligation.